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Fop sure, no one has touched that debut album for no-holds-barred rock psychosis since.


Iron Butterfly might be the most unlikely hard rock success story of them all. After the strident opening riff, the track turned into a gamut of solos but struck a seismic chord when it was edited into a hit single and turned the album into one of the first mega-sellers, shifting millions. Now it sounds oddly tame; soggy drum solo and all, but several barriers had been broken, including track lengths and an attack that inspired many rising hard rockers.

Just as they seemed to have found their flight path, the Butterfly grounded and split, leaving one colossal hard rock dropping in its wake. Fronted by shades-sporting singer John Kay and brandishing the gritty, organ-propelled Born To Be Wild, Steppenwolf were one of the first bands to break from psych and adopt a tougher stance that would influence hard rock and heavy metal. The song gained further weight when it featured over the opening credits to the film Easy Rider , now doomed to epitomise life freewheeling on a two-wheeled hog steaming down the highway away from normal life, on unimaginative TV magazine programme clips at least.

The movie had a major contribution to make when it came to hard rock getting over to the masses. We took the lead from the Black Panther party in that they were the vanguard and voice for their community. We felt we could be the vanguard and voice for our community. Rocket Reducer Number 62 is a perfect demonstration of why, on their night, the MC5 were one of the most exciting bands the world will ever see. Eventually, Sinclair was banged up for carrying two spliffs, his freedom campaign drawing support from John Lennon. Now we would be looked on as middle-of-the-road but in those days we were the maniac fringe.

We were faced with the situation where we were, stylistically speaking… I hate to say this, it sounds so dumb… ahead of our time, so to speak. I just knew there was a singer, this wah wah guitar Ron [Asheton] was playing, and this whole crazy beat. Then he was walking out; no shirt, pants like dungarees cut off over the knee, and these stupid-looking penny loafers. The drumsticks are already broken and flying all over the place. Iggy picks up this broken drumstick and starts cutting the shit out of himself, while the bass player starts fucking Ronnie Asheton up the ass with his guitar.

Twenty minutes goes by and the show ends. That was it. It was like the new art form. It was beyond music, because they involved the audience. The separation between artist and audience was broken down. I was in awe. I knew I was in the presence of something great. Before that I was in visual arts.

But after that night, I thought, if I was gonna be a real artist and be honest about it, I had to go where Iggy was. I must have been out of my mind. With Todd Rundgren already fronting a band of the same name and in need of a gimmick, the name Alice Cooper was adopted legend says after a session with a Ouija board and the band became more like a cross-dressing Living Theatre-inspired Barbie doll assault, attacking normal society and using props to shock.

But there was a monster in the making that, as the band believed, could only emerge if they moved back to Detroit and its more welcoming attitude to freaks.

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Alice still managed to get pied in the face at a festival but a following started building for their ever-evolving stage act. Alice Cooper arrived at just the right time, balancing the often preposterous fluff of glam and mesmerising seriousness of Bowie. Old fashioned showbiz had given hard rock one of its greatest makeovers and leg-up the ladder to the world arena. On Time topped a million sales in late , boosted by hit single Time Machine flying off the shelves everywhere but Detroit, which all but disowned the band as it got bigger and bigger.

Mountain were another sometimes maligned but undeniably influential hard rock trio, with Mott The Hoople among their loudest champions. In , New York singer-guitarist Leslie West had struck out solo after playing with rock and soul outfit The Vagrants.

  1. SOGNO NO STOP (Italian Edition).
  3. Dandenong Ranges.

Reputely a sporting reference to his size, gave him the name for a first solo album that ballooned into the earth-shaking power-trio that emerged after he clicked with his producer and bassist Felix Pappalardi. Though Dreams Of Milk And Honey powered up in suitably bombastic Cream fashion, West was still searching for a sound as he explored deep-fried blues-rock, baroque psych and Southern rock, but seemed to find it with future Mountain stage fave Long Red. The trio called it a day the following year after the half-live Flowers Of Evil , with West and Laing going on to form a trio with their idol Jack Bruce.

Bell SBLL Anyone lucky enough to have seen them then will agree that, in their knockabout way, the Dolls were one of the most exciting bands of the early 70s. It was like a school musical project gone wild!

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  • We never sat around a big table and worked out a masterplan to dress up as girls and shit. It all just happened between us.

    Disgusting Doncaster!

    Everybody else took notes and took it to the bank, but we broke our legs because we were running so damn fast. We were actually inventing it all. They started letting the beards grow and set off on the remarkable career that is now a testament to their ability to send hard, blues-driven rock up the charts, into the video generation and still stand the test of time. Registered in England. Company No. Register here. More Information.

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    Got any news or live dates? Send it to tim. New Spirits! Music, Music, Music. Cosmic Rock! It must be Chriiiiiiistmas! Stand Up!

    Lime burners used she-oaks, coastal banksia and moonah to process limestone, leading to the near elimination of these trees. By the s, piles and sleepers were cut from the hills and shipped to Melbourne via Shoreham. European pastoralists and selectors also used fire to clear land and to encourage pasture. Calder notes that the localised fire used by Aborigines had a comparatively less severe environmental effect than the broad acres 16 burnt by pastoralists and farmers to prepare for grass.

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    • Wild fires, too, have swept over the landscape since the first Europeans arrived. Occupants did not only clear land. They planted imported fruit and exotic trees, experimented with grasses for their stock, and divided the landscape up into properties and paddocks. Conifer wind breaks were planted to protect orchards and farm complexes from the elements.

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      Gardens were planted around farm houses and homesteads. Remnant garden plantings and hedges are sometimes the only remaining evidence of the former uses of particular sites. Trees were planted to honour the fallen or commemorate significant events. These include:.

      Subsequently the Shire's coasts have developed as a series of resort towns with its origins during the period when the wealthy sought exclusive seaside retreats.