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Leave a review. Your Review:. Please login to leave a review. Foyalty Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Version: 1. Thankfully LinkedIn has a number of features and functions that you might not be aware of, which you can use to personalize and improve your user experience. That is where the Sent invitations page comes in handy. If you're having a hard time remembering how many outstanding connections requests you have, you can just visit the Sent invitations page and quickly see each of the current unaccepted requests you have and what day they were sent.

To get to this page, go to the Pending invitations page, click the icon with the down arrow located near the top right corner and click on Sent invitations. If you personalized the connection request, you can see the message you sent by hovering over the envelope located to the right of their name. When this happens, just go to the Sent Invitations page. From here you can click the circle located to the left of each invitation that you want to cancel and then hit the blue Cancel request button located in the top right corner of the page. It's important to remember that canceling an connection request will not add it back to your Invitation limit, which I'll address in more depth next.

You may or may not be aware that each LinkedIn member is provided with a limited number of invitations that they can send out last I heard this was 3, For this reason, ensure that you make the most of each invite by being selective about who you send one too - such as the people you know and do business with as well as your ideal prospects and clients. Remember that if you get five people clicking "I Don't Know" or "Report Spam", your account will be restricted and you'll have to add an email address every time you want to send a connection request.

Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Record Shops

If and when you reach your invitation limit, LinkedIn welcomes you to contact them to request an increase. Be aware that there is no guarantee that you'll get an increase and that they decide who will be given an increase on a case by case basis.

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LinkedIn takes your acceptance ratio of invitations into account - meaning that if you're sending out a lot of invitations but very few are being accepted, the chances of you getting more are slim. Depending on your how your settings are set up under the Who can send you invitations area, some of the connection requests sent to you might end up blocked. Simply put, connection requests that don't fall under the preferences you've set, will be moved to the Blocked invitations page.

If you're using LinkedIn to generate leads for your business or you want to grow your network, I recommend that you leave it set to everyone. It's a good idea to go through these occasionally and clear the page. To do this, go to the Pending invitations page, click the icon with the down arrow located near the top right corner and click on Blocked invitations. On this page you'll see a list of the connection requests that were blocked. For each connection request you'll see the personalized message if they sent one as well as the date they were blocked. From time to time, you may want to remove an existing connection.

This may be because they're spammy or perhaps they're a competitor you're concerned about. There are two ways to remove a LinkedIn connection. The first is by going to their profile and clicking the down arrow beside the Endorse button. A warning will come up letting you know what you'll lose when you remove this connection.

There are a number of potential consequences of removing a connection such as:. You can also remove a connection from the Connections page, located under My Network in the top navigation. Simply hover over the person you wish to remove and click Remove. Again you'll be given a warning page where you can finish the process or cancel. Go to the person's profile and tap on the three horizontal dots located in the top right hand corner. Your connection will NOT be notified that you've removed them as a connection and only you will be able to reinitiate the connection process, should you decide you wish to reconnect.

There may be times when you want to block or unblock another member on LinkedIn. You can block up to 50 people. This blocks not only all contact, but removes both of your ability to see each others profiles and updates. If you're connected, it'll also remove them as a connection with all of the effects of removing a connection such as losing any recommendations or endorsements.

To block a LinkedIn member, go to their profile on your computer as of writing this, there is no way to block someone on your mobile device.

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Click the down arrow beside the Send InMail or Endorse button. Now click on Block or report. This will open up a box where you can choose whether you want to block or report them.


LinkedIn will now give you a list of what will happen after you block them. Click Agree to complete the block. Once unblocked, you can't block them again for 48 hours. This action will also not reconnect you to them - you'll need to send them a new connection request if you want to connect again. As you get more connections, you'll start to get more notifications, such as when they publish a post on LinkedIn Publisher.

If you don't want to be notified of their article updates, you can simply unsubscribe from them. To do this, go to the Notifications icon in the top black bar and hover over the notification you wish to unsubscribe from. Click the X in the right corner of the notification box.

From time-to-time, you may also want to hide a status update from a connection or unfollow their updates all together in the newsfeed.

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To do this, hover over the status update in the newsfeed on the homepage and click the down arrow that appears in the top right corner. If you want to just hide the one update, hit Hide this particular update. You can undo this right away if you change your mind by clicking Undo.

There are few things more annoying than being added to a large group conversation that you have no interest in. If and when this happens to you, you'll want to be able to remove yourself from the conversation and stop getting any notifications. If you have no interest in participating in a particular group message, you need to start by leaving the conversation.

Doing this will totally remove you from the conversation and stop you from receiving any new messages from the thread.