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Before we got started I asked them all the usual questions:. Answer: Blank stare. The idea of tracking this had never occurred to them.

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The last question often gets answered this way. I dug deeper. I found out that most of their students were local immigrants.

The conversation revealed that some farmers in the local community employed seasonal foreign workers, mostly from Mexico. Not all of those farmers wanted their workers to be fluent in English, but some did. Have two staff members or teachers from the school work the table.

Many staff went to the market on the weekends anyway, so that was easy. I told them to make a big sign and hang it behind the table to people walking by would see it. Why a free class? And it would generate interest. Next, I said, make or buy a ballot box and have some pens and paper handy for people to write down their name and e-mail address. I told the staff their main job that day was to talk to people.

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Most definitely not to be pushy. Talk about the fact that the school was giving away one free course for the next session. Talk about the courses. Talk about the students, giving specific examples of students who have benefited from their program. Talk about what a great place it is to be.

I told my client that the e-mail addresses they collected would make up their first e-mail list. Teachers came by the booth with their families, stopping to say hello. As conversations went on, others stopped by. They asked questions.

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Conversations happened. Other vendors stopped by, a few of them welcoming the school to the market. It was a novelty to have an educational institution at the market. In some ways, they appeared not to fit in. And yet they did. They were part of the community. In fact, their prospective clients were not only the students themselves, but also the farmers who might want to have their workers better educated.

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The school was reaching out to their prospective market by meeting them on their own turf. Anyone who stopped by was invited to put their name into the draw. They were told that they could give the course away to anyone they chose, such as a seasonal staff member or a neighbor. The result? And most of that was spent on staff wages for those working at the market. What else did they get? They got new students and new relationships with others in the community who were interested in their programs. Were the brochures helpful? In this case, yes.

Anyone who was interested popped one into their bag and pulled it out later at a convenient time. This was, literally, not the market for high tech gadgets. A brochure was appropriate in this context. With a few adaptations this same approach could also work for literacy programs who want to build an awareness campaign. My point in sharing this story is that depending on your market, grass roots approaches may work very well.

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There are a number of ways. They are an umbrella organization that will lead you to a variety of accreditation organizations in a number of different countries ALTO Association of Language Travel Organizations International Education Consultants Association. This organization works with students from Taiwan.

Their website is not in English, but you can e-mail them in English at: fair iecatpe. What are your thoughts about leadership and language learning? Truly, the greatest leaders of all time are the ones at the grass-roots level. What do you see as three new directions in language learning? Before we got started I asked them all the usual questions: What are you doing now to market your program? Answer: Brochures, an outdated website, flyers. How many students do you have now? Answer: A handful. Certainly not enough to make ends meet. Always be on the lookout for new and exciting trends, as they are the key to the growth of every company.

Eugene Eaton is a British blogger who sometimes works for a GradeMiners and assignmentholic. He is into stand-up comedy. A good morning laugh is what keeps Eugene upbeat and motivated through the harsh day. You can rank much higher if you focus on specific queries. For instance, selecting marketing as your keyword will result in a much lower rank, than ranking for c ontent marketing tips for college students. People are more likely to believe word of mouth more than anything. Shooting testimonial videos give you a unique opportunity to strengthen bonds with your most loyal customers.

Contact them and offer them the opportunity to appear in videos and talk about your brand.

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If they accept, you can always reward them with gifts, discounts or financial compensation. If you have a specific plan in mind, testimonial videos allow you to control the narrative. Instead, talk to your video participants and have them come up with monologues on their own. Fight for positive reviews on Facebook.

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  7. Use tools like HootSuite for easier social media management. Instagram is brilliant for visual engagement. Create trends via hashtags that will allow your followers to interact, exchange information and review your products. User-generated content is also a key component of every Instagram marketing strategies. Urge customers to take pictures of your products and repost the best images. Engagement results in rewards, which you can repay with gratitude and promotion. Tweets offer a great opportunity to respond fast and address any problem.

    Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn from a B2B perspective offer more immediate engagement opportunities and advertising options.

    Automation is a part of every future business models. A happy employee that can focus on one task at a time will do that task more effectively than a stressed-out worker who has to juggle a myriad of duties. Make your job easier for your team and they will love you for that. Autobytel, Inc. Automodular Corp.

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