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How do we naturally let Jesus live through us? Are you satisfied that you are living the "abundant life" Jesus offers? Do you "grow weary in well-doing," regularly trying with all your might to resist the power of sin and live a good Christian life? Do you sometimes feel like only the strong-willed can be "overcomers"? Would you describe your Christian life as one of "rest"? Do you ever wonder if maybe we are missing something in the Gospel message that New Testament believers knew? If so, this message is for you. It is time for you to release Christ continuously, effortlessly and powerfully!

Four key truths are discussed in the three sessions, and two journaling times are included in the training experience. This course radically changed my life in every way possible. When once the Christian life was somewhat of a duty and chore, it is now a lifestyle of rest. What was once my trying to be good for the Lord is now having Him be good out through me. What was striving to serve Him in every aspect of my life is now simply loving Him and yielding to His Spirit to live out of me.

By understanding, experiencing and living out the revelation truth of abiding, my life in every way and dimension has been radically changed. The books on the abiding in Christ theme are written by Mark Virkler, a left-brain, analytical, 21st century Westerner.

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Only two people in the Bible speak of abiding: King David and the apostle John. Since it is all about the Treasure within our earthen vesse l Since it is all about encountering Jesus in our hearts and releasing Him out through our lives This teaching is built squarely on the ability to hear God's voice and see vision. We no longer live - Christ lives through us Gal. You will discover how to:. Mark meditated on the verses in The Great Mystery for a year until the revelation he received was ready to flow out and share with others.

While he was in Singapore, he taught in the evenings, but wrote during the day. For three straight days, he simply closed his eyes and typed, releasing the flow of revelation, and this book was born. It was his first truly right-brain book, which came exclusively from flow.

It is a joy to read and constitutes a breakthrough in writing style for Mark. When he wrote this book, Mark saw seven truths for living naturally supernatural. Ongoing meditation and revelation has consolidated them into just four. This is actually a workbook which guides you in meditating on hundreds of New Testament verses which speak of Who Christ is within us and how to touch and release Him and His wisdom, power and might continuously and effortlessly out through our lives. You look up every verse on being "in Christ," "in Him" and "in Whom.

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Absolutely amazing! You gain revelation from the Holy Spirit as you meditate. This was taped in Toronto several years after the book Naturally Supernatural was written. God gave further revelation to Mark and the seven keys to living naturally supernatural were reduced down to only four truths, making the message simpler still. They are identical in content to the CDs.

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For maximum results, invite some friends into a home group or Sunday school class and watch the DVDs together. Practice the four truths weekly, sharing your results together. The DVDs bring an anointed trainer to your group, and your interpersonal sharing allows you to confirm that you truly are growing in your ability to abide in Christ! An unbeatable combination.

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These are ideal for repetition and review as you drive, work or exercise. Hearing Mark teach this series releases an impartation, revelation and spiritual understanding which, if internalized, will completely transform your life. Mark shares his struggle and story in an honest and down-to-earth way that relates to every listener.

Every time you review this series the Holy Spirit reveals more to you. Do yourself a favor and listen to them over and over until the revelation is complete. Rushing on to another topic without internalizing this truth does not result in cultivating Christian spirituality. If receiving training in a group, we highly recommend that EVERY member of the group have their own copy.

It offers you the following four benefits:. The opportunity to take notes deepens the learning experience. When you write something with your own hand, it is a much stronger learning experience than simply hearing it. God puts a BIG emphasis on writing as a way of learning. Look at His very first requirement of anyone who became a king in Israel:. None of us catches everything the first time through and as you review it several times, you will pick up things you did not hear before.

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More truths will begin to "click" and more lights come on! This process of repeated review results in greater revelation and greater personal transformation.

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Jesus urged us to cultivate and give attention to new ideas being sown in our hearts until they bear a crop of 30, 60 or fold Matt. So listen, review and focus until God has granted you personal revelation and transformation! Anything short of this causes the seed to be aborted and die. Hearing without doing is a waste, the Bible says James Application exercises are included in the LEARN notebook for class times and for increasing personal revelation at home.

Hearing a truth is one thing. Letting God speak to you concerning how to apply it in your life is another. These application exercises will give you the opportunity to seek God and ask Him what He wants to say to you concerning the truth, and how He wants to see it applied in your life. This is exactly what you need to hear and act upon. This is spiritual growth and development.

Please review our short article on " How to Cultivate Christian Spirituality. Suggestions for group activities which promote seeking God together and a lively interaction where people are encouraged to share the revelation they are receiving are also included. This helps avoid lecture which can easily become boring. The activities are well designed so people are not just "spouting off" and sharing ignorance but instead are sharing together what God is revealing to them.

This was a progressive revelation for Dr.

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  5. He began with extensive New Testament research which he has presented in his workbook The Great Mystery. You will then go back to the beginning and do your own research so God can reveal to you personally the great mystery, which is Christ in you. First, I saw it as being situational acts of greater faith or better self-control. As things would heat up in my life, I would handle them through my own intelligence and abilities and then go to God for what was lacking in order to get through the stressful times.

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    He was faithful to fill in the gaps, but as things would calm down, I would get back into my groove and go on with my life. I thought abiding was knowing that Christ was with me so I could turn to Him in my time of need; which is true, but it is not complete. The first step I took in attempting to master abiding was to allow myself a paradigm shift in my understanding of this topic and to accept that I was wrong. Abiding means to live in intimate relationship — always and in everything.