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And winter pond care is quickly on your mind with snow in the forecast. For our beloved Koi, what should we do?

Tips for Improving the Nitrogen Cycle in your Koi Pond by Taro Kodama Jul 27, News , Tips We wrote this blog post is to give you a foundation of the nitrogen cycle in your pond so you can maintain healthy water for your Koi. What is a Nishikigoi?

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Read about their Japanese origins from the carp and the long selective process that has created such strong body forms with vibrant colors. Defining Nishikigoi: Japanese How To Care For Your Koi Fish After Receiving It by Taro Kodama Mar 3, Tips Use this guide to properly introduce new koi fish into your pond using the proper quarantining, pond care, and water quality control methods for good husbandry in koi care.

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Based on our Japanese breeders and koi farm, these techniques are what work best when receiving This is one of the three biggest Koi shows and very authoritative. It is Kin Kikokuryu of Mr. Seiki Igarashi that obtained the most attention Helpful Links Welcome! For Koi Lovers!