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Science and technology levels remain virtually undeveloped in most Arab countries. With the advances in modern technology, the gap between the Western world and the Islamic countries has been widening.

The Revolt of Islam

This poses a dilemma for Islamic radicals who view Islamic religion requiring divine world dominance and conquest. To compensate, Arab-Muslim clerics relate to the western world -- with its successes in technology, and its failures in some social moral standards -- as a real enemy of Islam and Muslims. In the face of the vast differences between the Western civilization and the Arab culture, radical Islamic fractions within Arab countries have developed a new religious philosophy for the destruction of the Western culture by acts of terrorism.

These acts are committed by suicide terrorists who receive the honor of "shahid" with the promise of eternal life in heaven. The most recent example is the attack on America by suicide crews that have led to the deaths of thousands. While the world remained indifferent to suicide terrorists in Israel, the world was awakened by the attacks in the US to the dangers of radical Islam.

These events have been called part of a modern " clash of civilizations " between the radical Arab-Islam and the Western world.

The 40-Year Obsession With Iran

Yet, they could be foreboded by recent events in the Middle East. It is absolutely wrong to consider the recent acts of terrorism as the action of a few radicals such as Osama Bin-Laden. The acts grow on a very fertile ground of Arab national radical and violent philosophies presenting themselves as modern versions of jihad. Israel stands at the forefront of this modern clash of civilizations as the only country that represents the Western world in the Middle East.

In contrast to World War II times, now the Jewish people are not just the victims but also the frontline fighters against these evil forces that threaten the human civilization. Brutal killings of civilians by Islamic-Arab suicide bombers, and terrorists in Israel are nowadays almost a daily occurrence, and are executed in the name of "Allah" with the blessing "Allahu-Akbar" God is great! Many Islamic-Arab parents train their youth already at an early age for suicide terrorism see Education section and Articles section. In this atmosphere, killing of non-Muslim non-believers has become a social norm that threatens to throw the humanity back to the darkest days of barbaric cultures.

Yet, in the modern age the consequences will be much more severe. If weapons of mass destruction fall into the hands of evil forces of terrorism they will threaten mass decimation.

Throughout centuries Arabs have systematically persecuted and ousted both Christians and Jews. The sizable Christian communities in Arab countries have dwindled to insignificant numbers with the mass emigration of Christians. The Jewish refugees from Arab countries were mostly absorbed by the modern State of Israel, whereas the Christians have emigrated to Europe and America. The Arab-Muslim religious philosophy of Jihad, of forceful conquest and conversion finds its violent expression also in intra-Arabic conflicts.

The fact is that the number of Arabs killed in armed conflict is much greater in wars among Arab-Muslim factions, than in wars against Israel. For example, the number of dead mostly youth and children in the Iran-Iraq war is estimated at over 1,, see Google search. Similarly, the number of dead in Iraq's war against Kuwait is also estimated at greater than , The recent civil war and fighting between different factions in Iraq are most outstanding examples of extremely violent intra-Arab conflicts with almost daily suicide killings.

The Roots of Muslim Rage - The Atlantic

The word "assassin" originates from a "secret Islamic order originating in the 11th century who believed it was a religious duty to harass and murder their enemies. In contrast to Islam, the Jewish beliefs and traditions are associated specifically with the Jewish People. Judaism strongly opposes forced conversions of other nations. Israel does not seek expansion beyond the Land of Israel. Israel has withdrawn its army from territories captured after each war for example giving up all of Sinai peninsula.

Islam and the West: A Conversation with Bernard Lewis

The use of Islamic religion to encourage suicide bombers with the promise of heavenly life with virgins, illustrates the great gap between Islam and Jewish beliefs. The Hebrew Bible prohibits killing in the Ten Commandments and completely rejects and deplores suicide. But Judaism also states that "If one comes to slay you, slay him first" Brachot, This phrase is a relevant moral guide for dealing with the modern day terrorists.

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There exists the strong possibility of a new political power block rising across this region and peoples, which would become aligned against the west and Europe for economic reasons, and against the Muslim peoples of Turkey and the rising Islamic forces to the east for religious and political reasons. There eventually would emerge one leading nation within that power block who could constitute the " he goat " who will be moved to attack the ram and crush the empire.

Certainly the winds of politics are blowing is this direction. The Russian aggression in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine is just another unfolding episode in this story, as are the crisis of the ongoing tide of refugees flooding into the Baltics and Europe from Syria, the rise of the Islamic State ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the Russian and Iranian military intervention on the side of the Syrian dictator, president Assad. And what effect will that intervention have on Turkey which is fighting the Kurds and ISIS and insisting on military action against Syria?

These are complex issues that must be factored into the prophetic equation. We are certainly living in the days before this 'Ram' prophecy will be fulfilled, but we are also living in the times when the prophecy is actually unsealing right before our eyes, so that we can understand what is happening in this world and where all this is leading. The Ram is rising, it is becoming "great" but the larger of its two horns is yet to rise. Specifically, the lands of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan are yet to fully join forces with the Iranians.

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It should also be pointed out that these nations, although they are all predominantly Islamic nations, are not Arab nations. These are different peoples than the descendants of the Ishmaelite who inhabit the predominately Sunni Arab nations to the south that are on the western shores of the Persian Gulf Arab Gulf and in northern Africa.

Having said this, allow me to digress for a moment and show why the prophecy of the " he Goat " and the " Ram " is still future prophecy, and not the description of a past historical event, as many Bible scholars argue.

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  • Proponents of the historical interpretation school the amillennialists claim that this vision was fulfilled in the conquering of Persia by Alexander the Great about BC. But does the Bible really support that interpretation? Notice in the prophecy that the " he goat " came from the West.


    Ok, so did Alexander the Great, but Alexander's army touched the ground every step of the way there. The prophecy says he " touched not the ground ," and that part of the ancient prophecy could not be literally fulfilled or comprehended until the invention of the airplane. What the prophecy seems to be describing could be a massive airborne launched attack from the west; the modern doctrine of warfare i.

    The feet of attacking troops will not need to touch the ground until they parachute in or make marine landings. It is no coincidence that the beginning of John's visions in the Book of Revelation focuses on the western shores of Turkey. That is the Biblical land of Asia Minor where the seven churches of Revelation are located.

    Are you starting to see the connection? All of the seven churches of Revelation chapters are situated along the western edge of Turkey. The Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey is a geopolitical dividing line between the so called lands of Christianity to the west and the lands of Islam to the east. The Apostle John was on an island named Patmos currently a Greek controlled island , situated in the Aegean sea just west of the Asia Minor mainland, when he saw his vision.

    Daniel's visions are a complement to the visions of John. The Middle East region is the future literal focus of the events in the book of Revelation. In fact, notice the wording of the last sentence in that prophecy:. That is, the king that leads the attack against the kings of the lands of the ancient Medes and Persians will occupy and breakup this resurgent empire and establish himself as the next ruler in the region.

    The rest of the kings are nations in the Middle East region, not Europe. Of course, all of this is just background to the key focus of end-times prophecy; the nation of Israel and the time of Jacob's troubles see Jeremiah The future Jerusalem will be the ultimate "ground zero" of all geopolitical focus and the Temple Mount will be the detonator.

    All present conflicts in this area of the world are but a precursor to the main events that are yet to come to pass on the Earth before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    But, before the Lord Jesus Christ returns, the Antichrist must appear on the prophetic stage. When this person actually first appears on the prophetic scene is not clear. In the book of Revelation, John says that one of the seven churches, located at Pergamos, is in a city where " Satan's seat is " See Revelation Since the Antichrist is Satan incarnate, Pergamos may be where this " man of sin " first emerges or establishes his power base. But the Bible is very clear in telling us that when he is finally revealed to the Jews and the world for what he really is, it will be in the future Jerusalem and in a Third Temple yet to be built in Jerusalem.

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    • The Bible believer knows that, however all this comes about, the still unbelieving nation of Israel will build a Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem and re-institute Temple worship and sacrifices see Da ; Da ; Da Considering the decades of bloodshed and violence between Israel and the Arabs, and the entrenched respective positions of both the Jews and the Arabs concerning the Temple Mount and final status of Jerusalem, one can only imagine the magnitude of any sequence of geopolitical events that would bring this prophecy to pass.

      How this will happen is unclear. Israel claims Jerusalem as its eternal capital. The Palestinians and the Islamic world want Jerusalem too. In a change of policy that stunned the world, the United States of America formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital near the end of This act changed the political calculus of the issue and only increased the uncertainty of Jerusalem's final status and the animas between the sides.

      Is there now a possible compromise to peace on the horizon?