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Since the melting furnaces in the foundries at those times mostly consisted of natural stone and the melting point had to be reached with hard coal, large quantities of molten metal were still not possible and neither could impurities be prevented.

Foundry Technology - 2nd Edition

Only modern blast furnaces, operated with coke and provided with heat resistant linings, allowed greater melting capacity and more efficient methods for a foundry. By the blowing in of oxygen, further impurities could be removed, resulting in increasingly higher quality steels and cast iron.

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The foundry technology grew. Great development steps over centuries and sensational research results in metallurgy, particularly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, have produced unimaginable achievements in foundry technology.

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In the second half of the twentieth century, with the introduction of the electric arc furnace or medium frequency furnace, an optimum level could be achieved with regard to melting and casting processes as well as in the development of automatic processes. In the meantime, however, computer technology has provided a further innovative revolution that has led to sweeping developments in production processes, the control of casting processes as well as the design and construction of the castings. However, the possibilities are still far from exhausted and new advances in the IT sector are finding their way into the practical application of modern foundry technology.

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This is also the case in mould making, where CAD programs in the design and CNC controlled tooling machines in the manufacturing of casting mould models have completely renovated the process in the last decades. Another step is " Direct forming ".

Why refurbish your machine?

This method makes it possible to produce moulds for prototypes and individual pieces without models. That's how much the lower beam casting weighs that we cast for a 12, t closed-die forging press. It's not our only record. About our industry solutions and how you can successfully position yourself with them in new, highly competitive markets.

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Engineering, mechanical machining, cast welding, logistics: learn more about the complete range of services offered by our foundry team. We are castings We find the right cast answer to the most demanding vision - for uncompromising quality.

World record t That's how much the lower beam casting weighs that we cast for a 12, t closed-die forging press. Career at Siempelkamp Do you want to be out in front too?