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This historic first adaptation of a Star Trek novel is co-written by William Shatner!

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Softcover, 96 pages, full color. Volume 1 - 1st printing. Story and art by Hiroki Endo. Eden Volume One is both a brilliant love song to the post-apocalyptic survival genre and the beginning of a deep exploration on man's role in the natural order. In the near future, a large portion of humanity is wiped out by a brutal, new virus that hardens the skin while dissolving internal organs. Those who aren't immune are either severely crippled or allowed to live with cybernetically enhanced bodies. Taking advantage of a world in chaos, a paramilitary force known as the Propater topples the United Nations and seeks world domination.

Elijah, a young survivor searching for his mother, travels towards the Andes Mountains with an artificially intelligent combat robot. When he encounters a group of anti-Propater freedom fighters, a maelstrom of unique characters unfolds. Graphic, cyberpunk, and philosophical, Eden is a place where endearing heroes face a constant struggle for survival and violent surprises wait around every corner! Often compared to Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira in both artistic execution and storytelling scope, Hiroki Endo's deep and beautiful Eden series is finally available in English! Softcover, 5-in.

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Written by Poppy and Skillet Random Shock. Art and cover by Chris Hunt. John and Korey dreamt of a door to paradise, and the zealots claimed this meant they must lead them there. John and Korey refused- they had children to raise, and a town to protect from beasts outside its gates. And so the zealots stole the machine that protected them all, leading to the slaughter of dozens. Now John and Korey hunt them across the barren highways and crumbling skyscrapers of the future. Joined by ex-soldier Seth and cyborg Jen, they are drawn towards either death or salvation Written by John Cooper lead singer of Skillet Eden is a tale of redemption and finding light in the darkness.

Featuring an new and exclusive song by Skillet. Softcover, pages, full color. Oddball anthology combining mainstream and underground comics artists.

Echoes of the Hammer

The last page advertises the never-printed second issue, which would have featured the likes of Frank Miller, Neal Adams and George Perez. Cover by Michael Kaluta.

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  • Mature readers. Black and white; 48 pages. Cover by Mark Brill. Mike Grell's Jon Sable returns in his latest adventure, chock full of nuclear holocaust, Ashes of Eden. Written by Garth Ennis. Art by Carlos Ezquerra. Cover by J. Preview the the first eight pages of the story along with exclusive material that will not appear anywhere else. Get the very first appearances of the characters and creatures from this new 5-issue monthly series that will debut in March See dramatic conceptual artwork by Carlos Ezquerra, one of the co-creators of Judge Dredd, who has most recently collaborated with Ennis on Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollock.

    The creative team is rounded out by artist J. Jones, who provides the dazzling cover! Collects After Eden Art and cover by Rod Thornton. They are Adam and Eve, and the fate of the human race not only depends on them surviving, but falling in love again. Adapted by Dave Elliott and Keith Giffen.

    Art by Scott Hampton. Everyone knows what happened in the Garden of Eden, but no one has visualized it, and shared that vision, like Scott Hampton Life Eaters. With Dave Elliott and Keith Giffen scripting, Hampton produced this beautifully painted, visually stunning adaptation of the original tale of innocence, temptation, and lust, for the pages of Penthouse magazine. Collected here for the first time, The Bible: Eden, brings the fine production values for which IDW is famous to one of the world's classic stories. Hardcover, 8-in. Story and art by Vince. A bored young man suddenly finds himself thrust into a world of mutants, heavily armed women, and a mysterious key to the gates of the human mind that's worth the life of anyone who possesses it.

    Collects Just a Pilgrim: Garden of Eden Get into the fun of the complete series that featured Dr. Return to Ennis' hopeless, yet fascinating, post apocalyptic world brilliantly illustrated by artist Carlos Ezquerra. By Anders Nilsen. A keen observer of the natural world and the mystical treasures contained within, Anders Nilsen uses lush, inky lines to craft an enchanting, meditative journey for your coloring tools.

    A Walk in Eden is a fantastical view of primeval creation, with an exquisite mix of sprawling landscapes and close-up examinations of plants, fungi, and minerals. Though this is a world void of humans, here and there are small reminders of our presence. Nilsen's world is intricate, playful, and inspired, waiting for you to make it your own.

    With Dave Elliott and Keith Giffen scripting, award-winning creator Scott Hampton produced this beautifully painted, visually stunning adaptation of the original tale of innocence, temptation and lust for the pages of Penthouse magazine. Collected here in TPB form for the first time, The Bible: Eden brings to vivid full-color life one of the world's classic stories. This softcover edition features a never-before-seen 8-page bonus tale of Daniel by Hampton, too! Softcover, 8-in. By Monte Schulz. It's a grand tapestry of the American experience in an age of transition from rural to urban, with our nation perched on the precipice of the Great Depression.

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    It is also the story of us, as we once were, as we hoped to be. Hardcover, pages, Text Only. Written by Dr. Marvin Olasky.

    Pilgrim's Progress Vol. 1

    Art and cover by Mario Gully. A television star is murdered in Cambodia while researching a story on snake worship and its connectedness to religions throughout the world. His grieving college professor brother goes to Asia to retrieve his body and search for clues on what really happened. As the brother pursues the truth about the murder, he joins forces with an idealistic young woman involved in reclaiming victims of human trafficking.

    Together, they find ancient lore intertwined with the dark forces of money, envy, and trafficking. Hardcover, pages, full color. Story and art by Pablo Holmberg. Argentinean cartoonist Pablo Holmberg creates a bucolic, medieval folktale in Eden, a beautifully drawn, whimsical collection of comic strips. Follow a king as he converses with the moon, a star as it is born, and many more in four-panel strips that combine the playfulness of a Sunday comic with the virtuoso simplicity of a haiku.

    Surreal yet friendly and approachable, each strip celebrates the thrill of being alive and encourages the reader to do the same.

    Eden It's an Endless World! Graphic Novel 12

    Softcover, 6-in. Story and art by Bash. Mysterious beings that do not belong in our world known as "angels" are looking for a village that exists in-between space and time. But, the village is also searching for something, a boy named Touru. When they find him, a war breaks out and the angels are determined to exterminate the villagers.

    What is the secret the village holds and why must they find Touru? This is a story of fate. This is a story of epic fantasy. GEN presents Eden, an all-new epic series.

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    Art by Theron Smith and Martin Thomas. Art by Michael Washburn and Ashley Underwood. Art by Travis Ingram and Ginger Kubic. Cover by Carlos Samuel Araya.