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A humorous look at a day at the newspaper. Includes photographs of the staff, including S. Meier, Frau S. Meier, Franz X. Amreim, Fred W. Muelchi, and Oskar Kollbrunner. Novelle von Oskar Kollbrunner, New York. Includes astrological tables, short stories, poems, and elaborate illustrations. Ludwig, Emil. A political journalist, playwright, and biographer, Ludwig was born in Breslau with the surname Cohn.

He became a Swiss citizen in , and immigrated to America in Lutz, Charles R.

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The author is identified as Chef des schweiz. Marty, Carl. Illustrated by L. George Allan of Philadelphia; Mr. Hatfield, Jr. Morgan, and Charles M. Reports on the goals and mission of the organization, and lists the benefits of membership. Includes a photograph of the board of directors.

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Brief portrait of Oregon's "Smelt Drive. Pfister, Rudolf. Heinzelmann came to America in and started the Precision Hardening Co. Includes two photographs showing scenes within the hardening works.

Probst, J. Author is noted as being from Harrisburg, Ark. Includes a sketch of the author; other illustrations scattered throughout the story are of Swiss politicians. Ritter, Paul. Roda Roda.

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  • Short story in which "das Dirnlein" represents the German language. Ruedy, A. In German and English. Information about and invitation to join the Chicago-based organization, founded in New York, J. Sankt Michaels Kalender, Techny, Ill. Partial contents: "Aganow. Russische Novelle," von August H.

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    Hermann Floriani; "Do sollst nicht richten! Scherrer, Maria. Eine weihnachtliche Skizze.

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    Hans Baptist, wie ihn die Ansiedler weit in der Runde mit amerikanischem Akzent nannten, war froh. Freudig zog er die Fahne hoch an der Stange, die vor dem niedern Blockhause stand, damit sie auf "Fern Ridge" wussten, dass er am Abend kommen werde. Continuing series of the experiences of Anna, an emigrant from Switzerland, in the U.

    In this installment, Anna is working as a governess in New York City, and she relates the birthday celebration of the young daughter of a wealthy New York industrialist. Includes a photograph of the author. From the text: "Ellis Island kam in Sicht.

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    Wir stiegen eine Treppe hinauf. Bevor wir uns recht besinnen konnten, was vorging, waren wir in einzelene Gruppen geteilt. Aber o weh! Ich hatte ihn zwar vorher noch nie gesehen, aber sein Bild hatte immer einen Ehrenplatz in unserer besseren Stube eingenommen. Ich wusste, das war mein Amerikaner-Onkel. Describes a trip by train through the state of New York to see Niagara Falls.

    Stein, Herbert. Winona, Minn. Theiler, John.

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    Dairy farming and the cheese industry among Swiss Americans in Wisconsin. New York; Reading, Pa. Poems for young children, many involving animals, especially the kittens Miez and Peter. Unter dem Christbaum. Siebenundzwangzigste Serie, Milwaukee: Brumder, n. Vuilleumier, Carl. He serves as a cook with the military while stationed in France, marries a widow and returns with his new family to America. Geboren den 1. Januar in Chur, gestorben den Oktober in New York. Author noted as being in Philadelphia. Report on the "Century of Progress" international exposition in Chicago.

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    Widmer, Marie. Dritte Serie, 2. Zollinger, Anna R. German greetings in Switzerland. Ihr besonderes Interesse galt von jeher der Volkssprache. Sie ist die Gattin des Schauspielers Dr.

    Includes a portrait of William T.