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One feverish body cut into many pieces but still living the same life, it waits for good news, the sweet voices of women, a free, a human fate. It waits for the end, the fall into thick darkness, miracles. I lie on the plank, like a trapped animal, among worms. The fleas attack again and again, but the flies have quieted down.

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And so is life. The camp sleeps. The moon shines over the land and in its light the wires are tighter.

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Through the window you can see the shadows of the armed guards thrown on the wall, walking among the noises of the night. Do you see it? Dreams fly. Frightened, someone wakes up.

He grunts, then turns in the tight space and sleeps again. His face shines. I sit up awake.

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Marks, and. Polgar, Steven. Nobel laureates. Author's main page.

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Work's page. Project members. Data policy. Marks, and Polgar, Steven Uploaded by. Alexander Pope produced a series of four eclogues one for each season of the year in imitation of Virgil in The Spanish poet Garcilaso de la Vega also wrote eclogues in the Virgilian style. The Spanish poet Giannina Braschi wrote both a poetic treatise on Garcilaso de la Vega's Eclogues, as well as a book of poems in homage to the Spanish master, entitled "Empire of Dreams". The most prolific modern poet writing eclogues was Louis MacNeice.

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His eclogues included "Eclogue by a five barred gate", "Eclogue for the motherless", "An eclogue for christmas", and "Eclogue from Iceland". The middle movement of his three-movement Ode is also titled "Eclogue".

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In the Italian Renaissance poet Jacopo Sannazaro published his Eclogae Piscatoriae, replacing the traditional Virgilian shepherds with fishermen from the Bay of Naples. The speakers are sea-gods and sea-nymphs.

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By the early eighteenth century, the whole pastoral genre was ripe for parody.