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After holding her daughter, Cassie changes her mind and runs away, much to the chagrin of the Feldman's, the adoptive parents. Monica and Cassie Peter's is pregnant and plans to give her baby up for adoption.

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Monica and Tess are keeping watch over the mother and child when they learn from Adam, that the child is seriously ill. Monica gently prods Cassie to take the child to the hospital, where the teenager begins to realize she is not ready for the rigors of motherhood.

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Monica's revelation reinforces this fact, and Cassie returns home and gives the baby to the Feldman's. At the infant dedication, Mrs. Feldman announces that she and Ben have named their baby Faith. Cassie asks for a moment with her daughter and plays the flute for her legacy of music that runs in the family. Genre s : Drama , Fantasy. Sophie Kinsella. Nora Roberts.

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Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description Cassie thought her life was over when Alex left. I think Donna was spot on about everything. She has known me since I was eleven, so I guess she had a real insight into what I was feeling and how the events of my childhood influenced my decisions. Cassie is a friend of Pips and was at the party with her.

I think just about everything about Cassie attracted me, she is gorgeous with blonde hair and those beautiful baby blue eyes not to mention how hot and sexy her body is from all the fitness training she does — did you know she teaches sport in high school? Makes a bloke feel pretty good about himself, getting attention from the sexiest woman in the room. There was that age thing going on and my fear that she might not feel the same way. I guess the fact she forgave me, although surprise would not be the right word to use for that, I think relieved and bloody thankful fits better.

Who would you want to play you in a movie-retelling of your story? Who would play Cassie?

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Any good looking ranga actor would be fine, although I reckon Cassie would want me to say one of those Hemsworth brothers, what are their names? Chris and Liam I think. Scarlett Johannson or Amanda Seyfried could definitely do the role of Cassie justice, in my opinion. Scarlett Johansson. Good choices!

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If you could have changed one of your actions — just one — what would it be, and why? I really should have told Cassie how much I loved her. What do you hope readers take away from this retelling of your story? I really hope readers understand how important it is to communicate truthfully, with your partner. How you feel.

Life would have been a whole lot easier from the start. Again communication is the key.

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  • I like the part where Cassie forgives me and we get hot and heavy in her kitchen and then again in her lounge room. With her fingers still wrapped around his own and the feel of her soft skin under his thumb, he had divulged his darkest time and she had understood. He was still smarting that Cassie had asked the question about him hurting her but really he understood why, after his confession. It was the second question, when it finally sank into his thick skull, which had rocked him more, though.

    He had answered honestly.